I’ve tried to answer some common questions below. If you have any others, I’ll be happy to try and answer them. Hop over to the Contact Us page for email addresses and a submission form.

Q. Why did you make this site?
A. Because I am lonely and bored and wanted to meet new and cool people, just like you.  Go visit my profile and add me as a friend. You should also scroll down to the bottom of the page, if you haven’t already, and check out some of the other links down there, like the About Us page and the Privacy and Legal stuff.

Q. How does the Member Search work?
A. When you register, you select a number of things that you are, such as a programmer, a designer, a musician, etc.  You also choose a number of things you’re looking for, say an artist or a project.  When you search on the Front Page or Member’s Page, it will search through all the registered members and find anyone who is what you’re looking for, BUT ONLY if you are what THEY are looking for.  This gives you a way of fine tuning your search, and the other Members who can find you. You can edit these settings (and everything else) on your Profile page. If you want to exclude yourself from searches in general, you can simply un-check all the “Looking for a” checkboxes. Conversely, if you’re super friendly, or you want to make sure you’re found by people looking for your skill set, you can check all the “Looking for a” checkboxes.

Q. How about the Browse dropdown thing?
A. I’m glad you asked about that. If everyone is being a bit grumpy and no one is looking for anyone, you won’t get many search matches. The browse feature will let you browse all Members, according to their discipline, or what they are/do.  Choose “Artists”, and it will show you all registered Artists, for example.

Q. How do Groups work?
A. Any registered Member can create a group. A Group can be made public or private or even hidden, for those super secret projects. A Group is a way of putting a bunch of people together, and collecting interactions and discussions for that group in one place. Think of it as a project area or a place for people who share a common interest to meet and share stuff.

Q. Can I submit a press release or news item to the IndieDeveloper Blog Editor?
A. Absolutely. We’re always interested in new and exciting stuff, especially stuff our Members are doing. You can post a press release in the Press Release Forum, and/or send it to our editorial email address over on our Contact Us page. Press release posted in the forums, will be read and picked up by the Blog, and if particularly sexy, may get a featured article.

Q. I’m a recruiter. Can I join?
A. No, the site is for developers only. There are plenty of other places to get and follow your leads. Professional recruiting will not be tolerated at all on IndieDeveloper, and if you are seen to be recruiting for an agency or recruiting company, you will be kicked from the site. Sorry.

Q. What are the plans for IndieDeveloper?
A. Well, I’d like the site to become a valuable resource to the Indie Game development community. I’d like the community to grow and be active and vibrant, and I’d like to eventually have great content in the Blog and special offers and promotions from middleware vendors and tool makers. Game Jams and other development competitions would also be pretty awesome. Basically the sky is the limit, but it all depends on whether the site becomes popular or not.

Q. The Indie Game Dev community is spread all over the World. Any plans to translate or localize to other languages?
A. I would if I could find people to help with the translations. I only speak English (barely), and can swear in a few other languages, but beyond that, I’m like a helpless kitten. The site does support Unicode, so if you type in a language that uses an extended character set, you’ll be able to see it just fine.

Q. Why the funky green and orange color scheme?
A. I know, right? I think I need help! If anyone wants to come up with a better color scheme, let me know.

Q. Can I help out or contribute to the site?
A. Absolutely. If you are interested in writing articles for IndieDeveloper, or posting news and updates to the Blog, or you’d like to get involved with the Forums and help moderate, I would probably kiss you and marry you. Not much of an incentive, but hey. Seriously though, send me a PM or email and let me know if you’d like to help out around here.


Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.



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